Clear Vision reveal client feedback for 2015

8th March 2016

Wiltshire accountants Clear Vision have today revealed the results of their Annual 2015 Client Feedback Survey.

During the year, the firm conducted indepth feedback reviews with a key number of clients.

Revealing the results, Director Matthew Rogers explained how important the review process is to his business:

"Last year we invested time in 'interviewing' our clients to ask them how we are doing and collecting their thoughts on how we can 'raise the bar' for them higher still. We know the role of the accountant continues to evolve, as business owners look to their advisers to help them clarify and pursue their business goals, predict and react to market changes, and grow their businesses in a manner which helps them create the life they want to live. Conducting these reviews enabled us to assess whether we are successfully coming through on these points for our clients. It is our overidding aim to create a difference for our clients - whatever the difference is they want to see."

He continued:

"I am pleased to say we have a strong set of results for 2015, the key points we share below."

Creating a Difference

The firm asked each client to assess their progress on the personal and business goals discussed and pursued with the help of the Clear Vision team, and then posed the question:

'In light of the progress (on your goals), which of the following do you feel reflects the level of difference Clear Vision has created for you?'

2015 average rating = 2.12 - This equates to between a 'big' and 'life changing' difference.

How do you feel?

The firm asked each client:

'When you consider the performance and results of Clear Vision's efforts, support and advice in the last year, how does it make you feel?'

2015 average rating = 2.75 - This equates to between 'happy' and 'delighted'

Appetite to Recommend 

The firm asked each client:

'How likely are you to recommend Clear Vision to your contacts, friends, family? (where 1=I would definitely not recommend Clear Vision, 10=I would have absolutely no hesitation to actively recommend Clear Vision)'

2015 average rating = 9.67

Looking forward...

Following the notable amount of financial analysis accompanying the provision of annual accounts for its clients, the firm posed the question:

'How well did the accounts review process helped you to look forward (where 1= it didn’t help me to look forward at all, 5 = I left the meeting with a clear picture of the actions I can take to improve my financial results in the future)'

2015 average rating = 4.57