Five years of giving!

3rd February 2017

We are happy to be celebrating five years of charitable giving.   

We are firm believers that every business has the power to change lives by integrating giving into its everyday business activities. Our team began donating a goat to a family in need in Kenya after every piece of client work was completed back in 2012.

Donations have been made through the international giving programme Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1), and the team was keen to support the goat giving project in particular as our Managing Director Rob Walsh explains:

"The goat project really resonated with our team. Just like we work to enhance the lives of our clients, this animal enhances the life of the family who receives it. A goat gives income and food for the family for a whole year. It provides milk and creates income from dairy products. Plus it’s easy to care for and can be bred and sold. We decided to make this donation every time we completed a set of accounts, a tax return or a consultancy project on behalf of the client concerned. Our clients have really enjoyed hearing about the donations we have made on their behalf."

"I am pleased and proud to announce that over the last five years our clients have helped us donate a magnificent total of 1172 goats. We would like to express our huge gratitude to our clients for making this possible."

There is every chance we will return to giving through the B1G1 initiative in the future, but for 2017 we will be making donations to the Royal United Hospital Bath's Forever Friends Appeal. These donations will help fund a Balloon Pump for the Cardiology Unit, a lifesaving piece of equipment, as well as towards the build of a state of the art Cancer Centre.