The Truth about Your Customer Experience

17th May 2017

According to Harvard Business School, there is one key measurement in business: How likely are your customers to recommend others to your business, on a scale of 1-10? 

They suggest if this rating is 9 or 10, you’ve got a great business. They also suggest if it’s less than 9, you’re not working hard enough on your customer experience.

At Clear Vision, we continue to see business owners who maintain strong businesses and also grow their businesses through truly great customer experiences.

Every customer contact is an opportunity to make a lasting impression. One which keeps them coming back and also encourages them to tell others about their experience.

I recommend you begin the process of enhancing your customer experience by viewing it as a ‘journey’. One which starts with a new or returning customer contacting or visiting your business seeking a service or product you provide.

You can get your team together to look at each ‘step’ in the journey. From the initial contact with the business, how their enquiry or first visit is dealt with, through delivering your service or product and so on.

It’s important you work with your team to build in excellence at every point, supported by your working systems and each member of your team.

If you'd like to discuss this team approach further, I'll be glad to give you some pointers. Just call me on 01249 712074 or email me at

Dee Gerrish, Business Consultant