The two steps business owners miss when setting their goals

30th November 2017

The end of 2017 is galloping towards us.

If you are disappointed with the progress you have made on your goals this year, taking the following steps may just help you climb your mountain in 2018.  

Here are two steps that business owners are inclined to miss in the goal setting process. Both help you to take a positive and practical approach to pursuing your goals.

1. Reflect and Congratulate Yourself

Begin your goal setting by thinking about what you already have in life and what you have achieved in 2017, personally and in your business.

It’s easy to overlook what you already enjoy and have been able to accomplish.

When you do this you have an optimistic perspective on which to set your future goals.

2. Focus on Small Actions

To set your goals you need to consider the big picture. To know what you are aiming for.

But the top of the mountain should not be your focus.

One West Country business owner set the goal of increasing the level of sales to his existing customers by 10%.

He took the small step of convening a weekly meeting with his sales team.

These meetings created the platform to boost team accountability and customer keep in touch systems.

And steadily, by taking this small step consistently and persistently, he climbed his mountain.

What small steps will you take to climb your mountain?

If you need help to pinpoint these steps, remember, we're here to help you. Call our friendly team on 01249 712074.


Rob Walsh, Managing Director