Your R&D Tax Credits Claim Service

24th July 2018

Is your business investing in innovation?

You could recoup up to 33.35% of the cost of your investment.

Research and development (R&D) tax credits are a valuable government tax relief that rewards UK companies for investing in innovation.

Many businesses aren't aware that they are eligible for R&D tax credits. This could include yours. 

What Qualifies as R&D?

Most people imagine research and development to be the sole domain of scientists in white lab coats. But R&D can take place across all sectors, from engineering to food manufacturing, digital to construction.

If your project seeks to create an advance in your sector through the development of new products or processes, or the modification of existing ones, there's a good chance that you're carrying out R&D.

So if it's your business which is taking the risk to find out if a new product is possible, or whether an existing process can be improved, make sure you are claiming the tax relief due. You could benefit from a cash payment and/or Corporation Tax reduction. Even if your project was unsuccessful.

It's a Good Time to Claim

R&D tax credit rates have risen in recent years. You can now recoup up to 33p for every £1 of qualifying expenditure.

Our clients enjoy tax credits amounting to tens of thousands of pounds.

What could you do in your business with such a payout?

Clear Vision's R&D Tax Credits Claim Support

Our experienced team of tax specialists provides an end-to-end claim service, including:

  • A comprehensive review of your accounts to identify qualifying expenditure
  • An efficient assessment of your projects with your team to uncover all R&D activity
  • Submission of a robust claim and amended corporation tax return to HMRC
  • Management of all HMRC communications and enquiries

Further details of the Clear Vision Claim Support Service

Get in touch today. Call 01249 712074 or email We'll be pleased to discuss how you can benefit from the tax relief due to you. 

"We have been working with Matt and Clear Vision Accountancy for several years and as part of their service they have been looking after our research and development tax credit claims as we continue to invest heavily in developing our innovative audience engagement platform, Voco. Without Clear Vision’s specialist knowledge of the qualification criteria and claim process this would not have been possible. Matt and his team quickly got to grips with all our R&D activity and qualifying expenditure.There’s detail involved in such a claim of course and it was a comfort to know that Clear Vision was able to transfer all the information gathered, plus as competent accountants, present the numbers correctly, and produce a claim that HMRC would support. From my point of view, the process of submitting and reviewing the claim with HMRC was very ‘hands off’. I was able to get on with developing the business while the claim was being processed as Clear Vision did their work well and have the knowledge to deal with HMRC on my behalf. This part of the process has on average lasted just 6 weeks, after which the claim was paid directly into our bank account. It’s a really valuable and comprehensive service."  David Eldridge, Director, 3Radical Limited        

"Having been with Matt and Clear Vision for some years we recently started to use them to look after our research and development tax credit claims in respect of our ongoing investment in developing innovative robotic solutions to several high profile companies. Matt and his team assessed our R&D activity and qualifying expenditure very efficiently. Our claim was detailed but Clear Vision were able to transfer all the information gathered and submit a claim HMRC would support. Submitting and reviewing the claim with HMRC was very much down to Matt and his team with limited involvement required by my team. I carried on in my role, developing the business while the claim was being processed. Clear Vision's knowledge and experience was a real benefit in dealing with HMRC. We received our claim within 9 weeks of it being submitted"    Antony Lovedale, Director, Active Robots Limited