Rob Walsh

Rob Walsh


Position: Managing Director


Rob is a Chartered Accountant, business adviser, mentor and author, who is passionate about helping business owners run firms which serve their customers, their teams and most importantly, themselves and their families.

He founded Clear Vision in 2004 to help business owners improve their quality of life, get the rewards they deserve and realise their personal and business visions.

He can be found working with businesses across the UK, providing his experience and insights at ‘board meetings’ (over 250 in the last 3 years alone), acting as business consultant, sounding board, mentor or simply an efficient and proactive accountant.

A man with his own clear vision, Rob dedicates himself to creating a difference for his clients.

A secret about me...

I was in a choir when I was 11

What I collect... 

Rose bushes

My favourite film...

Pretty Woman