Meet Lee…

"Our goal was to free up more time for ourselves"

After more than 20 years running his manufacturing business, Lee Robinson felt disillusioned.

He had built a successful firm but was completely immersed in his business. He yearned for more free time and the chance to cut down his working week.

The situation threatened to drain Lee and his co-owner of energy. He could see that without making changes his enthusiasm would wane and his business would likely suffer.

Happily, the support he received has helped him turn things around. He now believes he is ‘living the dream’ of achieving his vision for his business and his life. Something which he declares to be ‘absolutely amazing. A wonderful feeling.’

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Take just a few minutes to let Lee tell you his story. You’ll hear how he has not only managed to cut down his working week, but also enjoys working with a highly motivated team and the promise of a secure future for his business.

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"I use the expression ‘I’m living the dream’. And I mean it."

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Check out the services that created the difference for Lee: 
  • Vision day 
  • Board meetings 
  • Management accounts 
  • Financial Forecasts

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