Meet Stewart...

"It's a stressful situation when you're constantly thinking about money"

Vet Stewart Halperin was feeling stressed.

He owned a group of independent veterinary practices but had no regular information on their financial performance.

Instead, he had to keep track of his monthly income, profit and cashflow position himself.

He could often be found making calculations to ensure he could pay his wage bill or checking that his newer practices could cover their monthly outgoings.

You can sense how hard it was to do all of this in his head. How it consumed his personal time.

Stewart just wanted financial reports for his business presented to him. So he could see how his practices were performing each month. So he didn’t have to try and work it all out.

Things became very different for Stewart.

He started to receive a monthly report which was entirely personalised to his business. He could see at a glance how each of his practices were performing.  He could ensure his cashflow stayed strong and his financial obligations were always covered.

Plus he received his draft annual accounts within 20 days of submitting his records. 

These accounts arrived with a whole raft of extra information which was then discussed in a meeting:

  • an ‘operational summary’ highlighting the main variances in the financial items from last year
  • an illustration of his personal tax position showing what he could expect to pay in tax over the next year
  • a five year analysis of the key financial trends of his business
  •  a review of where the cash in his business had been spent during the year
  • a ‘taxability checklist’ showing him exactly what tax planning points he could explore

Best of all, his head was no longer taken up with making financial calculations. So he was free to work on the areas he needed to focus on. He had peace of mind.  

Want to hear directly from Stewart about the huge difference this made to his life? You can…

Stewart has shared his experiences in this powerful video.

Check it out to hear how having Clear Vision providing financial clarity helped his business fly and his stress levels reduce. 

mobile Stewart testimonial

“I know I’m going to get that report every month. That it’s up to date, it’s accurate and I don’t have to worry about it. It gives me tremendous peace of mind.”

mobile Stewart video

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