Meet Janine...

 "My health needed to improve"  

Janine was not in a good place.

Sadly her health was – to use her own words – going down the drain. You’ll appreciate why this scared her.

Coupled with this, she was trying to do everything at work herself, as well as grow her business and serve her customers well.

She felt constantly stressed and tired. Plus she never felt calm and this adversely affected her relationships both in and out of work.

Things inevitably came to a head. She knew she couldn’t go on like this.

  • She got support to take stock of her life and her business. She identified some core values and priorities to focus on.
  • She set plans to take care of her health and delegate more tasks to her team members.
  • Slowly but surely, things changed. Now Janine successfully shares the load of running her business and takes holidays.
  • She finds herself reconnecting with her friends and enjoys their positive comments.

What a turnaround!

You want to know how she made it? You can…

Janine has shared her experiences in this powerful video. Check it out to hear how the solid—and sometimes surprising—support she received helped her change her life.