Meet Jeremy...

"Being self-employed was a scary thing to go and do"

Being made redundant is tough for anyone.

Particularly if you need to find a new job to continue supporting your family.

A successful estate agent, Jeremy's employer was hit hard when the economic crash came in 2008 and he subsequently found himself set adrift.  

It was a scary thing to do, but he started his own business with only an office, a phone and the belief that he could make it work for company. You can imagine how nervous he felt.

So would the business come in? Would he be able to pay his bills and support his family?

If you’re facing a similar leap of faith with your business, or perhaps you’ve already taken it and you find yourself struggling, check out this video of Jeremy.

It’s worth watching because he generously shares details of the planning and preparation he undertook in order to ‘land safely’.

And land safely he did. He is now feeling confident and proud as he watches his business go from strength to strength. Take a look and see what he did.