Meet Alice and Ann…

"It was completely out of the blue"

It’s not every day you are offered the chance to buy the company you work for.

But this is exactly what happened to Ann Gardiner and Alice Buttling-Smith. 

Both dreamt of the possibility of owning their own advertising agency but hadn't dared to think about it too much. Until one day, out of the blue, they were offered the chance.

This life-changing moment left them both excited and terrified. Could they really do it? How would they fund it? What did they need to do to make it happen?

Their story is truly inspiring.

Having taken the reins of their new business, they found themselves leaders of a team. They were on their own in terms of delivering for their clients. Most notably, they had taken on considerable personal risk, as the business purchase involved putting their family homes on the line as guarantees against their bank loan.

With so much at stake, you can imagine the level of pressure they felt. But they secured the support they needed and dealt with it admirably.

They paid off their business loan in two years rather than three. Their homes are now their own again. They have emerged as successful business owners, with a happy, motivated team. And they own a company with a great, great future.

They’ve captured their thoughts about their experience in their powerful video.

Take just a few minutes to find out how it feels to achieve such a dream.