Meet Martyn...

"It was a very uncomfortable period."

Martyn Cox was pleased to buy and refurbish a new premises for his dental business.

It involved taking on nearly £1million in borrowing, but would enable him to realise his vision for his patients.

After just one year in the new building, economic pressures meant credit was in short supply.

His bank looked to call in their debt. Their stance was unforgiving.

How would his business survive?

It was a very uncomfortable period but as you can hear in this video, Martyn dug in.

With strength in conviction and perseverance, his business withstood the pressure.

Martyn went on to build a valuable and highly desirable business.

One which he has recently sold in order to realise his personal goals of letting go of the management reins to focus on his clinical development.

Check out the video to discover a man doing exactly what he wants to do, happy in the knowledge his desired lifestyle and retirement is assured.