Our ‘Clear Visioning’ Checklist


If you could see the chance to break free from the issues that hold you back from further business success, you’d take it, wouldn’t you?

Just imagine how different you would feel without these issues holding you back…

Here’s your chance to experience the difference when you use our ‘Clear Visioning’ checklist.

Sounds like a good process to you?


Clear Visioning is what we do.

It’s our tried and tested process that gets to the heart of the issues you face and shows how you can deal with them.

You are not alone. Almost every business owner faces issues in one of more areas of their business

You are unique of course. Your business is unique too. But what we have learned, from many years of supporting business owners, is when you look at your issues, you see they can be traced back to three fundamental problems. Three problems which lie at the heart of a business owner’s life:

  1. Money pressure – too many outgoings compared to income, a situation threatening your business cashflow and the personal rewards you see
  2. Team hassle – personal ‘battles’ that prevent plans being actioned, hinder the growth of your business and take up your time
  3. Lost mojo – as you find your life is suffering at the hands of your business and your future is under threat too

Now take a moment to think…

Which of these issues affect you? How would it feel to be free of it? What could you achieve when you get this weight off your shoulders?

This is where you use our checklist…

Simply order a copy of the checklist and:

  • You’ll quickly receive a revealing checklist to complete which hones in on the areas you need our help to address
  • You’ll complete the checklist and then we’ll review it to carefully assess your issues
  • We’ll start to create a clear and concise action plan for you to begin to enjoy the difference you want to see
  • We’ll have a 30 minute call with you to discuss our findings and recommended action plan

“Why is it important I get the checklist?”

Get the checklist and you’ll automatically be helped to:

  • Identify a number of ‘quick win’ ideas which we have seen work time and time again
    for business owners. Quick wins you can put to use straightaway to make improvements
    in your business
  • Be clear on the opportunities you have to overcome your issues
  • Work out the specific next steps you need to take in order to do so

"Why are you offering to do this?"

We want you to use the checklist because we are confident that we can help you overcomes your issues as a result. And it allows us to demonstrate Clear Vision's expertise and prowess in creating a difference for business owners and their families. And then we hope that you will want us to help you further. But let's be clear. You'll not be charged nor will you be under any obligation to speak to us again.

This is simply a genuine offer to set up a conversation about you, your business and your potential to improve your life.

I’m ready to get the checklist

It’s not just about the numbers and the balance sheet and the profit and loss, it’s about the whole company and that company being successful and everybody within that company being happy, which I didn’t really knew existed actually from an accountants

Alice Buttling-Smith, co-owner of advertising agency, Bath

Clear Vision put in place the strategies that are needed for your business, to allow you to have the personal life you want. Now I spend more time with my family. I feel like I have a better work life balance.

Ransley Morenas, owner of dental practice, Edenbridge, Kent

I use the expression I am living the dream, and I mean it. We continue to work with Clear Vision and we’re achieving our personal goals and well as the business goals. We’re finding new ways to improve our lives and we greatly value that.

Lee Robison, co-owner of Finish Creative Services, London

The one thing that Clear Vision has done is start off with basic life, nothing business just you as the person and then move forward to you and your business. So it opens your eyes.

Janine Greyling, owner of recruitment company, London